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Sabir Sfax: Mobility, Migration, Solidarity and Social Imaginaries across the Mediterranean

A researchers team from the University of Genoa and Parma sailed aboard the Tanimar to connect with the main nodes of mobility and understand the social transformations of the area. The journey started in Messina and then reached Sfax, where a two-day meeting took place. Sessions included legal profiles of migration, youth, work, and migration in Tunisia. The event was live-streamed online.

09 / 10 / 2023
Maison des Scout tunisien Rue El Arbi Zarrouk

In the frame of the MOBS project (Mobilities, solidarities and imaginaries across the borders), a team of researchers from the University of Genoa and Parma will crisscross the Mediterranean sailing aboard the Tanimar to connect with the principal nodes of mobility, to understand social imaginaries and transformations across this space – between generations, between rural and urban space, between centre and periphery, in the forms of work and in global production and supply chains – bearing witness to the conflicts and forms of solidarity in this area.
Their journey starts in Messina and then reaches Sfax: two days of meetings with scholars and activists from both sides of the Mediterranean will take place in both places.

H 09:30-11:15
Migration and the Mediterranean. Legal profiles
Veronica Valenti and Guglielmo Agolino (UniPr), Francesca Rondine (UniOr)

H 11:30-13:00
Youth, work, migration in Tunisia
Ouejdane Mejri (Pontes Ricerche e interventi), Afifa (Scout Sfax), Caterina Pastura (Mesogea)

H 15:00
What is going on in the Mediterranean?
Luca Queirolo Palmas and Enrico Fravega (UniGe), Vincenza Pellegrino, Jacopo Anderlini and Luca Giliberti (UniPr), Anna Benvegnù (UniVe)

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