A Scientific Initiative on/for Border Abolitionism

Collective Memories: The Mediterranean

Join us for an evening of storytelling, activism, and solidarity as we explore the Mediterranean as a space of transit and the stories that inhabit it.

What are their names? What is their past? What future did they imagine?

An event to raise awareness, show solidarity, and support the fight for justice for those who have lost their lives in the Mediterranean.

A meeting with the participation of

  • Jalila Taamallah Ep Khenissi: Tunisian activist supporting the families of missing migrants and a relative of two victims of border policies.
  • Nadia Chaouch: PhD student at the University of Genoa, investigating the deportations of Tunisian migrants from Italy to Tunisia.
  • Silvia Di Meo: Mem.Med., supporting the search for missing migrants in the Mediterranean and monitoring border practices.
  • Jacopo Anderlini: Researcher at the University of Parma on migrations and border policies in the Mediterranean, Italy, and Tunisia.

Listen to stories from Tunisia and Italy about the Mediterranean and the struggles of families, activists, and solidarity groups seeking justice and truth for those lost at sea, those pushed back, and those who die at the borders of Fortress Europe.

Followed by a dinner in support of Tunisian families