A Scientific Initiative on/for Border Abolitionism

Boza! Diaries from the Border

“Boza! Diari dalla frontiera!”, by L. Giliberti and L. Queirolo Palmas, is out! A collection of ethnographic notes from different geographical contexts on unauthorised migration and solidarity. It shows the progress of reflection, its contradictions and doubts.

Discover the profound insights of our latest publication, a journey through the intimate reflections and encounters of ethnographic research. Our new book sheds light on the critical process of documenting fieldwork, capturing not only the evolution of thought but also the doubts, disorientations, and contradictions faced by researchers.

These field diaries unveil a fundamental aspect of theoretical production while highlighting the literary and public value that writing holds in the social sciences. Through a captivating narrative montage and evocative illustrations, this book explores the necropolitical consequences of the European Union’s border policies.

Delve into individual and collective stories from diverse locations—from the fields of Borgo Mezzanone to the crossings of Briançon, from the Tunisian olive groves to Lampedusa, and from Moroccan metropolises to the Canary Islands. These narratives reveal the powerful and transgressive practice of solidarity, challenging state-sanctioned mobility restrictions.

Experience the power of ethnography and the transformative potential of solidarity in our new release. Order your copy today and explore the compelling intersections of personal experience and broader socio-political dynamics.

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