A Scientific Initiative on/for Border Abolitionism

A Short Field Trip to Basmane: An Experience of a Diversely Lived Community and Cultural Spaces in Izmir

During a short field mission to Izmir, Turkey, post-doctoral researcher Rassa Ghaffari visited her colleague and local partner Lülüfer Körükmez, who is currently working on her first thematic antennae.

Izmir is a vibrant and dynamic city that serves as a historically crucial point of exit and transit for people from diverse backgrounds to meet, interact, and plan their future trajectories. Although short, this field trip has been full of meaningful events and initiatives. Most of the time was dedicated to exploring Basmane, a densely inhabited district mainly populated by the Syrian and Kurdish communities, and some of its beating hearts, social spaces offering workshops for children, Turkish and English language and music courses and cultural events. Informal conversations with diverse actors differently involved in the migration field and activism have enriched the experience providing valuable insights into the current situation. During this stay, moreover, significant progress has been made also in organizing the first Generative Narrative Workshop (GNW) in Izmir: an experimental workshop of co-creation and production of Rembetiko music together with local artists, people on the move and the migrant community.